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Total Power Solutions


Through the continuous technological innovation and expanding of the production scale, our company is continuing to lower manufacturing costs of solar panels to make the inexhaustible and green solar energy to step in thousands of power demanding sector, and create a better tomorrow for human development.

Our Battery Solutions


-> Battery Design
-> Battery Installation
-> Battery Impedance Testing
-> Battery Maintenance
-> Battery Replacement & UpgradesBattery DisposalTechnical white papers on Battery Management, Configuration and CareBrowse our UPS system range

UPS Service


Regular service of a UPS is vital to ensure its life-long reliable operation. We offer a comprehensive and cost-effective range of service plans to ensure your UPS is ready to perform when it is needed most. Our UPS service plans include:

-> Routine inspection and preventative maintenance
-> Emergency call-out options including guaranteed speed of response, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
-> Remote monitoring (optional)
-> Battery maintenance
-> Fully comprehensive cover available

Ltd LAN/MAN/WAN Services


Sysnet’s Flex WAN module represents a significant move in the Business evolution toward becoming one of the most scalable, intelligent and versatile networking platforms in the marketplace. The ability of the OEM products to scale up to OC-192 and 10Gigabit Ethernet coupled with United SysNet proven experience with intelligent Internet-enabled offerings demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing robust, flexible solutions for customers.

“Within our organization, we have always worked to maintain the highest performance levels possible while ensuring that we have a smooth migration path as our network demands grow,” said Head CSE, networking manager at BUET. The United SysNet is a platform that can meet the onslaught of growing bandwidth requirements as it scales up from the LAN through the WAN while offering intelligent services to support next-generation applications.”

Total Solution


With our experience and capability United SysNet are providing a complete solution for our clients. From PC Service to power solutions, access control, video surveillances, and automatic fire fighting over all a complete automation services. The current market demanding for one point solutions United SysNet has built its own structural team and management.

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