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About UnitedSysNet

To track the development of IT and businesses of innovation and future power solutions, United SysNet Ltd started its journey on the first of January 2001. With the vision to meet the challenges of new century United SysNet Ltd personnel believe that technology is not a luxury but an essential. And hence we must practice tech style in our everyday life to bridge the gap between the developing and developed nations.

With its Information Technology revolution, United SysNet Ltd (Reg. No. DA 2034) – an industry oriented on Information Technology – the organization is trying to create awareness among the technology have-nots of the country as well as serving as the information platform for IT industry from both international and national perspective.

We are different in many ways from our competitors. ‘Every business must be an IT business or won’t be a business at all the statement may be a bit extreme. However admitting that the Internet has radically changed the business landscape around the world, every company today is striving to perform business electronically moving us all into a virtually paperless world. The impact of such a change is being felt in Bangladesh. At United SysNet Ltd, we believe that IT business is much more than just communicating electronically. However, it is about doing business in a very dynamic way using the latest Information Technology.

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